How To Use a Meat Slicer | Tips for Households and Deli Workers

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As machines require fuel to work properly, the human body requires food as fuel as well to function. This fuel comes in a huge variety. For instance, meat, vegetables, grains, etc. are all different kinds of fuel for us.

If we talk about meat particularly, it is not wrong to say that it is a great source of proteins. Not just that but it is also a major part of our diet too. You can see the consumption of meat if you observe your everyday life.

Did you ever think about how can you cut frozen meat with a meat slicer? Are you aware of meat slicer serrated blade vs smooth blade?

Almost every dish is based on meat. So even when it comes to meat, there is again a vast variety. For example, beef, white meat that includes fish and chicken, etc. are some of the variants of meat.

However, the question arises: how can you efficiently chop the meat and that too neatly and also on a day-to-day basis. Other than that, you need to take a few precautionary measures. However, it is not as dangerous as it may seem.

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How to Use a Deli Meat Slicer?

You cannot deny the importance of a meat slicer because we all know how much struggle and motivation it requires. Due to this reason, people rush towards markets to get the meat nicely sliced by the professionals.

With a knife, it becomes really hectic and time-consuming. So, here comes the role of a meat slicer because with that you can do the task in just no time. Given below are some of the steps or you can say ways that will help you in making the right use of the slicer:

Step 1. Boneless Meat

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to always use boneless meat when it comes to a slicing machine. If the meat is boneless, your slicing machine is safe and its longevity remains protected. Apart from that, if you take the meat out of a deep freezer, it is really hard. So, in that case, let the meat come to normal temperature because slicing frozen meat can also damage the machine.

If you use the machine roughly, it will soon get damaged and you can no longer use it. Actually, the machine becomes blunt and wears out. Plus, if it operates with electricity then again you need to be careful even while cleaning. Just as much cleaning is important, the way you clean it also plays a pivotal role.

Apart from that, you also do not want to damage the versatility of the slicer because its function is not limited to meat only. Rather, you can slice many other things as well.

Step 2. Carriage of the Machine

Now the first step towards cutting the meat is that you should first check the carriage of the machine. A carriage is basically the place where you will put the meat.

Check if the meat fits perfectly into the carriage so that it does not fall off while you are slicing it. Plus, you also need to consider the size of the carriage so that you place the meat that can easily adjust to that.

Step 3. Index Knob and Blades

Afterward, you need to make use of the index knob. Index knob is basically that part of the deli slicer machine that will help you in making the necessary adjustments. These adjustments are related to the thickness of the meat.

Plus, it is really important to make the necessary adjustments regarding the thickness otherwise you will not get the desired outcome. This knob is actually linked to the blade of the home, commercial or industrial meat slicer that is responsible for the cutting.

So, by making use of the knob, you are actually making adjustments in the blade too.

Step 4. Plug Adjustment

A slicer is basically an electronic machine that you need to operate by putting its plug in the switch. Since the machine is composed of many blades, you have to take care of yourself too rather than being careless.

Your safety comes first. So, after taking all the precautions, you can now turn the switch on and the machine will do the rest of the job on its own.

However, all the slicers are not electronic. Some of the slicers also have the ability to function manually. As technology has advanced so much, most of them runs through electricity.

No matter what type of slicer you use i.e manual, automatic, manual deli slicer, or raw meat slicer and what your uses for a meat slicer are, you still need to care about your safety.

All of the slicers consist of blades. So, keep this in mind and wear gloves.

Step 5. Machine Tray

Once you have done all of the above steps, you only need to deal with the tray where the meat is placed. The slicer machine has two major sides. From one side, you push the meat towards the blade.

Whereas, the other side is the one that gives you the nicely sliced meat. Whether your slicer is automatic or not, this thing is common in all of the slicers. So, all you need is to control the tray and the machine will do the job automatically.

Step 6. Cleaning Process

So, this is how you will get the meat into neat slices and that too in a short period of time. However, there remains another step and that is related to the cleaning of the machine.

How can you forget this step? If you do not clean the machine, it will carry germs plus it may wear out soon. So, you have to give importance to its overall maintenance too.

Other than that, you not only get to slice the meat with the silver but also other things. For instance, vegetables, butter, sliced cheese with a meat slicer, etc.

Final Words

So, these were some of the easy steps that you can follow and turn the meat into fine slices all by yourself. If you know how to do it, you are exempted from the fatigue of rushing to the market for such a small task.

All you need is to learn to use the slicer and do some practice.

If you know how to operate the machine, you can not only cut the meat but also many other things. So, make your life easy and save your time by getting a slicer to use at home.