How To Use a Meat Slicer | Tips for Households and Deli Workers

As machines require fuel to work properly, the human body requires food as fuel as well to function. This fuel comes in a huge variety. For instance, meat, vegetables, grains, etc. are all different kinds of fuel for us. If we talk about meat particularly, it is not wrong to say that it is a great source of proteins. Not just that but it is also a major part of our diet too. You can see the consumption of meat if you observe your everyday life. Did you ever think about how can you cut frozen meat with a meat slicer? Are you aware of meat slicer serrated blade vs smooth blade? Almost every dish is based on meat. So even when it comes to meat, there is again a vast variety. For example, beef, white meat that includes fish and chicken, etc. are some of the variants of meat. … READ MORE

Beef Consommé vs Beef Broth – Is Beef Consommé the Same as Beef Broth?

Beef Consommé vs Beef Broth Or Alternatives

It is a form of talent if you can easily distinguish between a beef consommé and beef broth. Numerous recipes include ingredients like beef or meat in the form of gravy, sauces, or curry that can help us to distinguish between beef consommé and beef broth. Although a beef consommé and a beef broth have their specific specialty when it comes to following a healthy diet plan. Is it a battle or what? Are you one of those people who have always thought beef consommé and beef broth to be synonymous? Yes, we were in the same boat. Have you ever wondered if you can use beef broth instead of beef consommé? Aren’t they the same? So, gear yourself up and be ready to take notes. Are you starving? This blog post is all about figuring out specific differences between beef consommé and beef broth. However, the recipes of both … READ MORE

Chicken Broth Substitution and Guide | Alternates of Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth Alternates

In the modern world of experiments, we will guide you about how to find Chicken Broth Substitution easily. As we all know the kitchen array of cooking options is enhancing day by day. Whereas, more and more experiments are being done under the periphery of the kitchen to test substitute broth recipes. Besides, chefs and cooking experts are changing the streaming sense of cooking. As a result, food preparation, as well as cooking techniques, is evolving with time. Moreover, experts are finding alternatives for multiple appetites, recipes, and savories. In that case, they are producing and introducing a wide range of food/ beverages/sauces/ soups/ and other easy-to-cook recipes. Hang on! Chicken broth or soup is the most liked food product in the West as well as in the Eastern part of the world. Whereas, chicken broth is a mixture of vegetables, chicken stock, savory, and celery, it can be molded … READ MORE

At Minimum How Often Must a Meat Slicer Be Cleaned and Sanitized When in Constant Use

how to clean meat slicer

Are you a die-hard meat lover? Of course, getting that perfect slice of meat right every time must require a state-of-the-art meat slicer. Sure, if used frequently, the meat-slicer will need replacement after some time. But, until then, cleaning and sanitizing it should be done regularly. What are Meat-Slicers? A meat-slicer is a very versatile tool which every kitchen needs nowadays. Are you a burger-lover? Are you a health-freak? Do you love your sandwiches? Hold your horses! The best meat slicer is for all of you! Yes, it has a little something for everyone. It can easily slice meat, cheese, fruits and even vegetables to perfection. Therefore, something which gives you so much benefit should be kept properly, right? Hence, basic cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Not only is it important for the working of the machine, but it is essential for your health. Why Is It Important to Clean … READ MORE